Gallery - Rachel Laundon Art


Love my turtle :)

Blue Heron Pair

Beautiful rainbow.



Trio of Striped Bass

Bottle Cap brown trout. These are amazing!

Carved and bedazzled.

Lumberjack fish in buffalo plaid.

Hidden something you want to hide?

Stowe gallery whale.

More friends....

Narwhal. Love this cute little guy.

Fish collage.

Sperm whale &right whale in background.

Humpback and the sailor these whales.

Rach, TUNA, TUna, Tuna

Basket o' fish

Custom cod....colorful, carved pattern and barn board.

Trio in the works

Sperm Whale...small, cute and polka-dot!

Zebra fish with Zebra rach

Pke - Rachel - Pike

Huge bass...Lake Champlain.

Colorful surgeon.

Small trio of trout. cute.

Sweet bass!

Bring home the big one!

Nemo swimming on wall

Dolphin Fish in process

Bottle Cap Grouper...on white wall.

trio of trout in modern home

Bar bottle cap brown trout


Rustic Interior Rainbow Trout

My family of Friends!

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