Welcome to my Non Fungible Token (NFT) page. What is an NFT you ask? Well, its far to complicated for me to get into here so check out this site to get you started.

Basically, NFT's are a new technology (and huge opportunity) for artists and creatives to sell their digital work and ensure they are credited and rewarded for their work. Up until now, digital works can be shared, emailed, copied, etc and sent all over the internet without every recognizing the artist or original creator.

NFT's change that....well, at least part of it. When a artist creates a NFT they are encoding their digital art to a "smart contract" on the blockchain (think bitcoin or ethereum). The artist can decide how many copies of that digital piece can be shared or sold and the best part, an artist can ensure they get royalties every time the digital art gets sold for eternity.

So here is my first step into the crypto world. I have started with my collection called "Mermamia". As many of you know, i have a passion for art, photography, fashion and story telling so I have combined them all into this collection. Each piece comes with a character story, a set of traits and an edition ranking. For this first set I am only selling 10 of each, ever.