18" Blue, Brown Encaustic Trout



Introducing the 18" Encaustic Trout Wall Sculpture - a stunning addition to any home decor! This beautiful piece is hand-painted using encaustic medium, which creates deep, rich textures and vibrant colors that are difficult to achieve with more common mediums. The vibrant brown stripe has a "raked" texture that subtly exposes the blue background color and blends it with the blue on the trout's back, while the underbelly is primarily white with a blush of blue.

In addition to its stunning encaustic paint, this sculpture features a hand-painted yellow glass eye and hand-sculpted antiqued copper fins. The sand and spackle texture adds an extra touch of texture and dimension to the piece. Measuring 18" x 4" x 1", this sculpture is ready to hang and will add a pop of color and texture to any wall in your home.