18" Blue, Brown Encaustic Trout

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18" Encaustic Trout Wall Sculpture, Deep Brown, Blue and White Color

- 18" x 4" x 1"
- Hand Painted Yellow Glass Eye
- Hand Sculpted Antiqued Copper Fins
- Encaustic Paint (see below)
- Sand & Spackle texture
- Vibrant Red, Purple and White Colors
- Swimming right
- Ready to hang
- 2019 Signed and Dated


This beautiful trout sculpture is painted using encausitc medium that creates deep, rich textures and vibrant colors that is difficult to achieve with more common mediums. The vibrant brown stripe has a "raked" texture that subtly exposes the blue background color and blends it with the blue on the trout back. The underbelly is primarily white with a blush of blue . This would fit wall on a narrow wall in a bathroom, above a door or window, or combined in a school with other similar fish art.

Encaustic paint mixes dry pigment with a heated beeswax binder. The mixture is then heated and brushed or spread across the wood surface. Encaustic dates back to the first century C.E. and was used extensively in funerary mummy portraits from Fayum in Egypt. The characteristics of encaustic painting include strong, resonant colors and deep rich textures. It is extremely durable because of the beeswax binder. When encaustic cools it forms a tough skin on the surface of the painting.

Because encaustic is a wax it will melt if put in direct sunlight or is in a room over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, leaving in a car on a hot summer could cause it damage. As long as the piece is indoors it will be fine.

Materials: Glass, Copper, Wood.